New in 1.5 - New Sprites!

Hey there! I'm here with the first showcase. I wanted to show you a couple of new animations and redone graphics for certain things in Rescue in Faraway Fields.  Most characters had little to no change from the earliest iterations of the game.

Their design kinda worked on a larger scale, as they were originally designed for, but on very low resolution most of them look too simple, flat and kinda rough-looking. This always bothered me about the game, and now I did something about it and updated the graphics!

Every character received more animation frames. Take a look!

The bear and the robot pirate got totally redesigned, and now the roaming robots look more like their artwork! I won't spoil those in here, though. You'll have to see them for yourself!

There’s lots of other things I’ll be showcasing, so stay tuned!

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